Our show horses are also reliable ranch horses

LRS Performance Horses, LLC.


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Lance and Dunnit In The Nite and Ryder and RGTooshinytodry

Horse training at its finest

We are not just training horses, we are creating a reliable individual to be a partner. 

Managing cattle with an excited team

Horse Sales:

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Colt Starting (Full Training - 90 day minimum)

Colts are started on the ground to build a quality foundation. Once riding begins they are heading down the trail and tracking cattle. From there, the sky is the limit. 

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​Horse Training 

~Full training (90 day min) Includes board and general care

​~Show Maintenance- contact for details (90 day minimum)

Includes board and general care

**All fees outside of board and general care are the responsibility of the horse owner will be billed and must be paid monthly. These include, but are not limited to, farrier, veterinarian, dentist, supplements, show fees, any additional care that accrues an additional cost.